I’ve lived all over the country and after 30 years I am happy to be back in my home town! Our blue skies, purple mountains and walking on the Bosque can’t be beat.

My passion for real estate began many years ago when my mother use to take me to open houses. I remember one house in particular where the toilet was right in the middle our the master suite, and I thought “this might be a tough sell”.

I left Albuquerque at 17 after graduating from Albuquerque Academy for Boston. I earned a degree in engineering at Tufts and then headed to Los Angeles to start my first career. Growing up in Albuquerque I needed some sunshine! I had a great career getting into the Biotech field with an up and coming company called Amgen. I managed pharmaceutical manufacturing plants for many years and then decided to take a break for a year and become a ski bum in Aspen. My one year turned into ten. It was an amazing experience! I got my real estate license, started buying and remodeling houses, and taught adaptive skiing to disabled children in the winter. Real estate is a pretty heady world in Aspen.

I returned to Albuquerque in 2013 to be close to my family which is such a privilege after all these years. I still get a kick out of being able to drop by my sister’s house (which I sold her and is fabulous).

I love helping people buy and sell houses. I think there is a great house waiting for all buyers whether it be their first or their fifteenth. Some people find it on the first day and others need to scour the market before their ready to go. It all comes together when it’s meant to. Selling houses is also an area I specialize in. I learned long ago when I was flipping properties how to make a house shine. Everyone wants top dollar and whether it’s perfect or an “as is” property there’s a good way to market it. I am dedicated to helping you get top dollar for your home.

Being an engineer I watch everything. A deadline is a deadline to me. I get my deals done efficiently, accurately and on time. I know the right people to do the work and they don’t let me down. From painters to lenders and everyone in between we have some terrific people in Albuquerque. It makes a big difference who you hire for anything. You can relax, I’ve got the details covered!

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