I grew up in ABQ. I love the outdoors. I learned to ski because we have Sandia Peak Ski Area in our “backyard”. I thought everyone had a Balloon Fiesta and I know that Rancho de Chimayo in northern NM is the source of my persistent carne adovada habit!!

After a gap year (before we had a word for it), I attended UNM, earned bachelor’s degrees in both business and psychology and left town! With a master’s degree from Arizona State University’s College of Business, I headed East, living in a tiny efficiency in the Society Hill area of Philadelphia. My car stayed in a garage and I walked everywhere!! I enjoyed the energy, the noise, the smells, the history, the food… but not so much the humidity, traffic, grey skies, parking fees, and… on to Atlanta (more humidity). I missed seeing the horizon, the skies and “real” mountains of New Mexico. The diversity, the smells (green chile roasting, afternoon rains in the summer), the food, the climate—I missed it all!!!! 

While working in Philadelphia and Atlanta, I honed my analytical skills in healthcare contracting and continued that work with Presbyterian Healthcare when I returned to Albuquerque.

Real estate, however, is in my blood: both sets of grandparents owned and managed residential rentals in Albuquerque. My grandmother actually purchased land near the Albuquerque Tennis Club, obtained financing, and had apartments designed and built…all on her own. I remember going with her to collect coins from washers and dryers in the onsite laundry! 

My entry into residential real estate began in 2004 when we purchased and I managed our first rental home. In 2008, I left my job with the Department of Health and began a fulltime career in residential real estate. 

Buying and selling real estate is absolutely about numbers and my previous career prepared me well but “the deal” doesn’t happen without relationships. I work hard developing and maintaining good relationships with knowledgeable, reliable professionals from loan officers, appraisers and electricians to stagers, stucco contractors and HVAC professionals. These relationships are why I have information and options for my clients. Because I manage several of my own rental properties, I understand real estate from a variety of perspectives. I work with buyers and sellers which keeps me aware of the current perspectives/issues for both and helps me do a better job for all of my clients.

When I am not working or managing our rentals, I love to cycle, ski once or twice a year, work with my kiddos at ABQ Reads, see movies and musicals, visit daughters in college out of state….and bake pies!

One of my mentors in real estate used to jokingly tell those of us who told him we began our careers in real estate because we “like people and we like houses,” to give him a couple of months and he’d change that. I still like both houses and people!! So, if you think I may have an answer to your question, information that might be helpful to you now or in the future, do give me a call.

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